Does the Beginning of Fall Mark the Beginning Of Just Another Diet?


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So, are you breathing easier?
Are you already dancing to that slightly (or very) different beat?

Well, if you do, you’ve tapped into something truly special. You’ve instinctively noticed fall’s healing opportunities that go way beyond covering yourself up more again.

Fall is the time of the year where transformation happens easiest, quickest and in the most profound ways.

Fall has mystical energies that can accelerate your journey to deep, lush body-love tremendously.

Just like it did for Teresa.

She has, as I wrote, always been a huge fan of fall.
Despite being a child of the summer, fall was always the time she looked forward to. She felt that when the days got shorter and the temperatures fell, she was more at “home” again.

Looking back now, she knows that this feeling of coming “home” again was just another way of hiding. Of course it was.

Fall, for her, meant just another diet.
After the freedom of summer, she went back to her weight loss craze, so that she could sport a new, thin, super awesome body on Christmas Day…

She (ab)used the special energies of this coming season to recoil into her fears, to shrink once again, to build a life on the terror within and to commit to another lifetime of being stuck in diet prison.

With her favorite TV shows being back, with the days getting short and with her favorite ways to numb herself in arm’s reach again, it was easy to stay in pain and to hide behind a mask of sadness.

That mask that made her feel comfortable and safe. And yet, it caused a world of pain inside of her, a world that was only kept in check by, well, bingeing and dieting.

Yes, fall was a special time for Teresa, but she didn’t know how much more special it could actually be, if only she allowed herself to be who she truly was.

Imagine if there was another way to FALL into Fall that created more peace and love in your body instead of more abuse and self-loathing.

Well, love, there is.


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