2018 in Review: This is What I Know About Myself Now


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In this episode of the Podcast, Deb and I discuss our highlights of 2018.

We talk about self-care, the struggle with worthiness, traveling overseas and how to overcome challenges that present themselves. We share our thoughts on making decisions for yourself instead of always thinking of everyone but you, wanting to belong, and yet staying true to yourself.

We take a look back on our favorite self-care tools and how to refrain from judging yourself when you’ve completely forgotten about your favorite self-care methods.

We also go into the themes of thoughts not being your truth, practices that are just always there, being open to leaving Dietland, and actually wanting to change no matter what.

Resources we mention:

The Short Term Weight Loss Lie by Ragen Chastain

It’s OK to Grieve Your Body

Happy New Year!!! 🎉🎊🍾🥂

Check out Deb’s blog “We are more than good enough” here.

Love and light,

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