5 Questions to Ask Yourself If You Want to Escape Diet Prison


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When you decide to escape diet prison, you have a lot of decisions to make.

There are, of course, thousands of little things that will change now that you’re not longer part of the Constant Weight Loss Club.

You may not be willing to engage in fat talk with your co-workers anymore or participate in the daily walk of shame to the scale.

You may begin to set up firm boundaries for family members who always comment on your weight or stop slaving away in the gym at 5am every day.

But you may also feel the loss of those painful conversations with your best friend about how many pounds you absolutely need to get rid of or how bad you’ve been at Sunday’s buffet.

You may look at weight loss commercials and still feel this little desire to buy the product because it might just be the one thing that changes it all.

There may be days when progress is slower than you desire, which can allow your (hidden) fears of “this will not work” to break through and grab you with all their might. After all, you’ve been on the path of not dieting for a while now and all of your nightmares of the life beyond dieting seem to come true.

You feel trapped – trapped by the deep wish to be thin and the knowledge that going back on a diet will crush your life.

When you begin to doubt and feel discouraged, it’s time to ask yourself these 5 questions:

Am I really honest with myself?

Are you honestly wanting to escape diet prison? Or are there tons of reasons you keep in your mind and heart as to why this experiment will not work for you?

Are you honestly doing all you can to escape or are you seeking situations that make you feel uncomfortable about the path you’ve chosen?

How am I still trying to manage my weight?

If bingeing and overeating still occur, check in and see if you are still in the process of weight management. Are you really eating when you’re hungry or do you restrict in order to stay at a certain weight? Do you tell yourself that you’ve had enough to eat even though your body says otherwise? Are you keeping your weight low by engaging in destructive behaviors?

In other words, do you allow your body to speak for herself or does your dieting mind still rule the world?

How will I stretch myself more?

When you feel like you’ve hit a roadblock, you need to ask yourself how and where you can step outside of your comfort zone just a little bit more. After a while of engaging in the Escape Diet Prison world, you can get a little bit rusty or even shy away from doing things that may feel uncomfortable for a while.

Don’t allow yourself to stand still and instead, step it up a notch.

What am I unwilling to let go of and is this really serving me?

Are you really willing to let go of the dream of being thin? Are you still holding on to the “fat is unhealthy” rhyme? Do you refuse to see that health is more than your body weight? Or do you still not acknowledge the fact that weight loss won’t make you happy?

How are these lies you keep feeding yourself serving you? Why is it worth it to hold onto them?

The last question is one that you can ask yourself every day for the rest of your non-dieting life:

Am I committed to dieting or am I committed to living my life?

It’s simple: if you’re committed to dieting, you will lose a large portion of your precious life to weight related freak-outs. You will miss out on social gatherings, lots of fun and special moments that you can never get back.

If you’re committed to your life, you will make choses based on love, take risks, respond to your body’s wisdom as it serves your needs and choose to trust that your body knows best. You will actually create a life that is about more than being thin.

Which one will it be? You decide!

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