Fall Closet Cleaning without Having a Weight-Related Meltdown


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It’s about that time of the season to go through your closet, ditch the summer clothes and put your favorite sweaters back in the first row. Cleaning out your closet can be super challenging when you’re struggling with your body anyway – the mark of a new season often marks the comparison of your current weight and shape to that of last year.

Shame, guilt, panic are emotions that then often take their turns.

However, as always, there’s a different way. You can totally de-clutter your closet without freaking out and we’ll share some tips to help you along the way.

Fall is also a time where our appetite and our desire for food changes and adapts to the colder temperatures and the less daylight. Halloween is coming up, which adds another challenge to the cravings that can occur more often now anyway.

We share the secrets to allowing your appetite to occur without falling into a binge or weeks of overeating.

Halloween candy isn’t the enemy, it’s delish and can be a super normal part of your entire year. All you need to do is relax and stop putting unnatural demands on yourself.

We also talk about photos and how you can make peace with them again. It’s true, looking at photos can be a super triggering experience when you’re convinced that your body is wrong and that you are taking up way too much space. When we look at photos, we don’t look for our beauty, we almost always look at what we feel is wrong, ugly, flawed.

Every women does it and she sees things hardly anybody else sees – thus driving herself deeper into the hole of body-shame.

When you’re convinced that you’re so ugly and that your face, legs, fingers are oh so wrong, it’s almost impossible to accept compliments. Yet the more you begin to embrace where you’re at and once you stop convincing yourself that you’ll never feel good at your current weight, the easier it’ll be for you to soften up and allow others to point out your beauty.

We also dive into the phenomenon of different meal times and different hunger levels during the day, why diets do not work and how to allow yourself to just be yourself all the way.

Check out Deb’s blog “We are more than good enough” here.

Love and light,

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