Feeling Guilty for Eating? Here’s How to Break Free


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In this episode of the Escape Diet Prison Podcast, Deb and I discuss the concept of NOT feeling guilty for eating and how to get to the point of complete freedom from worrying about every bite you put into your mouth.

When you are caught in diet prison, everything you eat that is not regulated by your diet is guilt inducing, isn’t it? Food that is not written on your weight loss plan is bad, always too much (no matter how little it really is), unhealthy and morally wrong.

Eating – outside of the confines of your carefully planned food prison – is shameful and keeps us up at night.

I can’t count the many times I’ve dreamt of eating something oh so bad because – in reality – I was oh so hungry that all my unconscious mind could think about was FOOD.

But yeah, when we’re in diet prison, food is the enemy and we are here to fight each and every one of our cravings – no matter what.

The thing is: why? Why is it so bad to have fun with food and enjoy yourself in this area of your life?

Why is it such a horrible thing to feel free around food and simply give your body the nourishment she asks for?

Why are you living in a nightmare when freedom is just around the corner? One step away from making yourself feel guilty for being human and wanting to have a “normal” life.

Life without feeling guilty for eating is definitely possible. If you crave that kind of liberty, listen to this podcast and begin taking action today. The more brave steps you take, the more you will experience the awesomeness that life after diet prison feels like. And it is GREAT.

Check out Deb’s blog “We are more than good enough” here.

It’s time to stop feeling sorry for yourself and instead begin to live the life you’ve always dreamt of with the body you were given – not only day, but this very summer.

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