Feeling insignificant, counting calories and bingeing at night


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If you’re still feeling insignificant, unworthy, less than or too much because of your body weight, it’s time to get to the bottom of what is really going on.

I get it, we are made to believe that our weight is the main element of who we are, it’s what makes or breaks our worthiness as human beings, it’s what makes us right or wrong.

But, obviously, that is complete and utter BS and nothing but a way to keep us women small and feeling like crap at all times.

The cool thing is that once you realize your weight is NOT who you are, you can begin to work on what is ACTUALLY making you feel so insignificant (if there STILL is a reason to uncover) and you can leave that shadow behind and instead step into the light.

You can embrace your body and your weight for what it is

and instead of wasting your life chasing a senseless dream, you can begin to build a life that will leave a legacy of meaning, rather than a number on a scale.

I give you some essential strategies on how remember your inherent and unshakeable significance in this week’s episode of the Escape Diet Prison Podcast.

I also talk about how to “un-learn” calorie counting and how to deal with the feeling of bingeing at night.

If you’d rather see the video than listen to the podcast, you can watch it here.

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