Let loose to heal your relationship with food


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In this episode of the Escape Diet Prison Podcast, Deb and I talk about the importance of not taking yourself so seriously, of having fun in life even if you’re scared of judgement and why this is important in the context of healing your relationship with food.

Dieting is really serious business, isn’t it?

When you’re on a diet, you can’t eat what you want, can’t have what you want. Dieting makes your life and your experience really strict, dark and heavy and we mostly totally forget to have some fun and laugh until you cry.

When we’re on a diet, everything needs to be in control, which translates to so many other areas of life too. We feel like we need to be in control of our food, our emotions, our every move.

We control because we’re scared of being judged, of what life has to offer, of really being all we can be.

Leaning on a diet makes at least one part of your life easier. It gives you a framework for how to handle food, your body and your weight. It gives you a framework for living your life – at the same time sucking all the joy out of it.

When you stop dieting and walk towards freedom, this framework needs to crumble and you are left with the feeling of messiness, which is scary – and exhilarating. Life is suddenly totally out of control, food doesn’t need to be portioned anymore and you can do whatever you want. Awesome, right?

Yeah, but also frightening.

That’s when you get to do the work, to listen to your body, get feedback from your emotions, stretch yourself and take one step after the other in the direction of the freedom you want to experience in life and when it comes to food.

How do you do that?

Well, listen to this episode and you’ll see. 😉

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When you journal, magic ensues.

You begin to hear yourself, feel yourself and trust yourself more and more.


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