Sacrifices and Breaking Free from Your Obsession with Food


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I’ve been thinking about the connection between breaking free from an obsession with food and being willing to make sacrifices.

I have this belief that you can have absolutely everything in life that you truly want to have.

If others can have it, why not you, right?

You can have a yummy relationship with your body.
You can be completely free around food.
You can have so much fun in your daily life.
You can have a soul-nourishing relationship with your soulmate.
You can have a circle of friends that feels like family.

You can have it all.

Of course.

AND you also have to make sacrifices to get there.

Of course.

Sacrifices in the form of un-learning painful beliefs, un-knowing long-held “truths”, digging deep and going where you have been scared to go for decades.

Sacrifices in the form of doing the inner work.

But also sacrifices in the form of time, money, resources, sometimes even comfort.

The level of healing, the level of freedom you’ll achieve directly correlates with your willingness to make these sacrifices.

That’s a tough one to hear, isn’t it?

Especially since most of us are still secretly searching for the quick fixes.
The quick and easy road to weight loss.
The super fast track to freedom from food.
The 2-minute a day magical pill to loving your body.

You’ve been avoiding all the sacrifices, haven’t you?

If you’re really honest with yourself, you aren’t ready to let go of comfort and step into healing, to stop making excuses and start taking action, are you?

Be honest, but without shaming yourself, without beating yourself up, without getting angry and feeling even more guilty than you already do.

You really do feel like you’re not ready to sacrifice what you’ve got going on right now in order to get what you really want.

And I get it.

But I also know what happens when you finally do make the sacrifice and walk towards the uncomfortable, leaving the “easy” behind.

I could’ve bought a car (or two) with the money I invested in my healing.
I could’ve read a hundred novels in the time that I invested in my path to freedom.
I could’ve saved a million tears had I not chosen to go where it hurt.
I could’ve had it easier had I stayed the same.

And of course I was often scared shitless. Of course I was often jealous of my friends who got to buy cute clothes, new cars, tons of scented candles, jewellery and do all kinds of things I couldn’t afford.

I sacrificed.
But really, it wasn’t a sacrifice AT ALL.

It was the path I had to take in order to get to where I am today.
These were simply actions that were necessary for me to break the chains of my past, to let go of all that had been holding me down and then move into the here and now with confidence, self-love and a complete detachment from any moral around food.

And it feels GREAT to know that those “sacrifices” led me to a life beyond my wildest dreams.

I see it in here.
Those of you who are investing in themselves are those who are breaking free.
Those who are allowing their fears to hold them back, stay stuck.

It’s your fear, of course, that’s keeping you stuck.
It’s also our culture that tells us that you deserve everything NOW.

And you do.
But could you handle all the good now?
With all your fears?
With all your restrictions?
With all your unresolved emotional pain?

Probably not.

And you know that.

That’s why you continue to waste money on programs that promise you a quick fix –
you know deep down that you’re sabotaging yourself and that is what you want, what a part of you wants, because you’re unwilling to heal, you’re unwilling to get the good stuff –

out of a deep fear
and the belief that you don’t deserve it anyway.

But you do.
Oh how you do.

You deserve the greatness that life has to offer.

And you have to get to a point where you can actually allow yourself to receive the magnificence that is waiting for you.

You won’t get there by lying to yourself.
You won’t get there by looking for the quick fixes.
And you won’t get there if you turn around and walk the other way every time it gets hard.

So, make some time today to journal on how you are unwilling to make sacrifices.

Are you continuously spending money on things you do not need instead of investing in your healing?
Are you saying that you don’t have the time for what really matters but then sit in front of the TV for entire afternoons?
Are you consciously refusing to journal/think about/meditate on what’s really going on?
Are you still yearning for the super quick fix that’ll save you and turn your life around?

Call yourself out – lovingly and gently – on how you’re avoiding true freedom and true healing.

And then ask yourself: what am I willing to do about it?

Sweetness, you deserve a life that is about more than food and your body but you also have to be willing to face your fears and limiting beliefs and go GET that life. <3

Speaking of deserving, I have something uber cool for you: an idea that came to me and that hasn’t allowed me to think about anything else because I know in my heart of hearts that this is the shift you need in order to surrender to true body-acceptance.

INTRODUCING FALLing into Body-Love – 21 Days to really dive into the symbolic nature of fall: letting go of painful beliefs and body-shame while you sink into the luxurious comfort and relief of soft blankets and transition into a new way of being with food and your body.

Here’s what will happen when YOU join FALLing into Body-Love:

  • You’ll Begin to Embrace Your Body
  • You’ll Ease Into Being At Peace With Your Weight
  • You’ll Release Shame, Fear and Guilt
  • You’ll Tap Into Balance with Food
  • You’ll Have More Fun IN and WITH your body
  • You’ll Find a New Way of Being in Your Body

And here’s what we’ll be covering in FALLing into Body-Love:

  • Cycles of Weight and Allowing Yourself to Surrender to Change with Ease
  • Letting Go of the internal weight that is keeping you down
  • Transitions and Transformations
  • Finding Your Inner Light
  • New beginnings: Fall is the PERFECT time to step into a new way of living INTO body-love
  • Comfort and Balance
  • How to Have Fun IN Your Body in this special Season

Feels good?

It does, doesn’t it?

Oh, I canNOT wait to go through this transformation with you.

We’ll start on October 3rd.

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I can feel it, I know, I am so ready to support you through it. Are you?

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