Spring Clean Your Body Image & Your Life


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Spring is here.


It’s the first day of this new season and I am welcoming it with open arms and a bright smile.

“Spring adds new life and new beauty to all that is.”
— Jessica Harrelson

It does, doesn’t it?

The special energies of spring make everything feel lighter, easier and so much more dazzling.

With those first rays of spring sun, I always want to get rid of stuff, want to make my home, my life, my everyday existence lighter; which always leads to a massive spring clean of my entire surroundings.

Have you started spring cleaning yet?

If not, listen to this episode of the Escape Diet Prison Podcast, where Deb and I share our favorite tips to spring clean your life and rid yourself of all the negative diet messages that may still be in your home.

We talk about decluttering your home, your life, the people you no longer connect with, as well as all of your social media feeds. We also go into some strategies that prevent you from freaking out when you declutter your closet and how this practice is your opportunity to not get sucked into the diet mindset all over again.

We have such a big attachment to certain items of clothing that spring cleaning your closet can be a real challenge, but once you recognize that it’s really about the memories we attach to these clothes and not how our bodies looked in the clothes, you can navigate this process with ease.

We also talk about mirror checking, noticing how you feel in your clothes and asking yourself why you still own your scale – even after everything you know about weight and that silly number.

With spring arriving, it’s time to take responsibility for your life, your attitude and your level of commitment to the No Diet Diet lifestyle.

We then go into stories of eating the most horrific Weight Watchers chocolate, pregnancy and weighing yourself, adopting a mindset of gratitude and why sugar is not as evil as you may believe.

Check out Deb’s new blog “We are more than good enough” here.

When you journal, magic ensues.

You begin to hear yourself, feel yourself and trust yourself more and more.


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Love and light,

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