Stop the War with Yourself


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Let’s get real here: you’re an expert at attacking your body, your fat, your self whenever life throws you the tiniest curveball, aren’t you?

You are a master at not feeling your feelings, not the ones that must be felt anyway, and instead you go into fight mode the moment life hurts.

You’re at war with yourself and you are convinced that combat is the only way to live your life; always attacking, always being acutely aware of all of your “flaws”.

But there’s another way to spend your time on this planet – even when life sucks and you are caught in a major funk.

You can tune into kindness instead of using force. You can say thank you to whatever situation you’re in and embrace the feeling that is deemed negative. You can stop the war against yourself and instead of being harsh, cold, or angry toward yourself, you can step into an attitude of romance, gentleness and allowing.

You still have time to embrace your weirdness, to realize that you are not wrong, to change the story of your life and come back home to a loving, caring energy.

Lean in, trust yourself and let yourself be taken care of – with love.

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When you journal, magic ensues.

You begin to hear yourself, feel yourself and trust yourself more and more.


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