Straight/Curve: Redefining Body Image


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In this episode of Escape Diet Prison, I am joined by Jenny McQuaile, the director and producer of the documentary Straight/Curve: Redefining Body Image.

Jenny McQuaile is an award-winning NYC-based journalist and documentary filmmaker.

She began her career in journalism in Ireland and London and moved to New York to pursue a career in film. She has worked in production on major TV series and feature films such as Steven Soderberg’s “The Knick”, “Annie”, “Blue Bloods” “About Ray” and “The Bleeder”.

Jenny is an Associate Producer on “The World Cup Project”, a TV documentary series about 11 countries around the world that use soccer for social change. She directed and edited three episodes of the series including “Laces”, set in Liberia, that won Best Documentary Short at the NYLA International Film Festival in 2015, and was an Official Selection at The Lighthouse International Film Festival. She co-directed the feature length documentary “Power of Play” also set in Liberia. She is a member of the Irish Film and TV Academy.

Jenny shares:

  • how she came up with the idea for Straight/Curve and what inspired her to take action and create the movie
  • where she believes the pressure to be super thin comes from and how modeling and disordered eating intersect
  • what she loved most about creating the movie and what her biggest piece of advice is for teens who are struggling with their body image and the representation of women in the media
  • what her hopes and dreams for the documentary are and what she learned about herself while creating the film
  • her biggest piece of advice for parents who are concerned about their children’s behavior around food
  • her tips for women who want out of diet prison/body image struggles but cannot seem to get started
  • which message she wished she had gotten when she was a teenager about body image and weight

and so much more!

Straight/Curve: Redefining Body Image is available to rent or buy NOW in the US from this link.

You can also rent or buy on Amazon or go to to find a link to get the film and to download the FREE House Party Screening Kit so you can have the sometimes tricky conversations about body image in the safety of your own home with your kids/sisters/friends/coworkers. The Kit comes with discussion questions and fun activities for all ages.

The Straight/Curve House Party Project launch event, in partnership with CoverGirl, the Geena Davis Institute on Gender In Media and NEDA, will take place on May 22nd in NYC.

There will be a panel of exciting body image experts and advocates broadcast LIVE on Facebook Live so everyone around the country can tune in and ask questions. Check out the website for more information on this event.

Imagine if a quarter of a million women, mothers and daughters gathered in homes around the world for a real talk about body positivity and invited the men and boys in their lives to be a part of this conversation.

What kind of change would be possible if women, men, girls and boys everywhere…loved themselves?

That’s our goal for Straight/Curve – 250,000 conversations – 250,000 people ready to spread the message about body positivity.

Ready to change YOUR life? Book your 30-minute breakthrough session with me here and start living a life free of diet prison today.

Love and light,

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