This is What Happens When You Allow Yourself To Eat All Foods


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“All I want to eat at all times are all the things I am not allowed to eat.”

“I am just not one of those people who likes to eat the “healthy” foods.”

“Of course, there are good foods and bad foods. Are you kidding me?”

“Food IS totally moral and I can never get it right.”

“I always have to watch out, otherwise I’d never stop eating all the foods I shouldn’t eat.”

And on and on and on we go.

One judgmental thought chasing the other. We hear these comments everywhere, we think them, we feel them, we live by them,.

We believe we know these food judgments to be true, don’t we?

And because we believe them with every fiber of our beings, we act accordingly. We feel guilty and ashamed for eating “pleasure foods”. We hate on ourselves for having “broken our diets”.

And, of course, we get obsessed with the exact nutrient contents of a single item of food and we live in extreme fear of doing it wrong.

Of messing it up, which we always end up doing, because, hey, there are too many rules to ever comply with all of them.

These fears create the obsession with a certain food group.

They create the feeling of needing to “cheat(which you don’t ever have to because you can have all foods at all times, unless you have an allergy or have other medical reasons), which is always followed by a spiral of shame.

These fears, rules and lies keep you from experiencing food in all its glorious forms and they certainly keep you from having the revelation I share in this recording.

Curious what I’m talking about? Then listen to this episode of the Escape Diet Prison Podcast or watch the video here.

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