Why do you want to be thin?


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Why do you want to be thin?
Have you ever truly asked yourself?
Or is it just a default thing you want –
you’ve always wanted?

Why do you need to be thin?
Have you ever truly known?
Or is it just something that’s been on your mind –
a pressure you cannot shake loose?

Why is this desire to have the perfect body ruling every area of your life?

Do you even know?
Or are you just living your life on autopilot –
because it’s what “you do”?

Of course, most of us have a reason for our desperate desire to be thin.
We claim that it’s because of health reasons – when we know that being thin doesn’t make you healthy.
We say it’s because we’d feel better – when studies show that the initial boost of happiness after weight loss doesn’t last.
We then admit that it’s because we want to look great, want to stop the shaming that we experience, want to finally be proud of our bodies – as if that needed a specific number or reaching a fitness goal.

In reality, there are way, way deeper reasons for our desire to want to be thin – to hold on to our fight with ourselves.

We don’t want to feel.

We don’t want to see the reality that’s right in front of our eyes.
We don’t want to deal with life.

With our relationships.
With our careers.
With our money issues.
With our lack of self-esteem.

Using the need to be thin as a scapegoat is a great way of never ever truly confronting your real “construction sites” in life.

And it’s OK –
if you want to stay stuck.

It’s OK –
if you want to stay in pain.

It’s OK –
if you want to keep your world super small.

Well, of course it’s not OK.

Because you are so much more.
You have an entire universe of unfulfilled dreams inside of you.
An ocean of feelings that aren’t being expressed.
A heart full of love that isn’t being unleashed.

It’s not OK.
Because you are keeping your true Self from yourself and from the world.

It’s not OK.
Because you blame everything and everyone for your wounded heart.

It’s not OK.
Because you are. not. happy.

Or are you?

I know, I know.

You are being bullied.
You get the looks all the time.
You are being torn apart.

And that sucks.

It is unacceptable.

But you don’t have to play along.
You don’t have to play the victim.
You don’t have to sink to their lows.

You can choose to be the bigger person –
the wiser person.
The one that knows what really matters.

You can say thank you for teaching me the important lessons and move on.

You don not have to play the “thin is everything” game.

Even if you’re scared to death.
Even if you think that being thin will solve all of your problems.
Even if you are so effin’ sick and tired of hearing all the BS about how you’re too fat, how you’re unhealthy, how you’re not enough.

You can choose to opt out.
Of this sick, sick game.

You can choose to not be hurt anymore when people demean you.
You can choose to see their own pain and fear in their comments.
You can choose to be angry and rage, without turning on yourself.

You can choose to be who you are –
without apologizing for your body, for your fat, for your rolls, your cellulite, your wiggling skin.

So, why do you want to be thin?
Because it’ll make your life easier?

Will it?
How do you know?

Has it ever made anything easier?
Has it ever made solved only a single one of life’s challenges?

It hasn’t for me.
It hasn’t for my clients.

It only happens on TV.
In magazines.
In the movies.

In reality, we’re not that shallow.

Being thin doesn’t bring you eternal bliss.
Being thing doesn’t cause every person in this world to suddenly fall deeply in love with you.

Being thin might give you the admiration of strangers on the street, but is what does that give you, I ask?
I mean, what will that do for the quality of your life?

Will that really make you sleep soundly at night?
And wake up with a smile?

Wouldn’t it be so so SO much more awesome if you could wake up happy and excited being who you are instead of having to force your body into a size it just isn’t meant to fit in?

Don’t you want to be yourself?
Live in ease?
Not on a diet?

Don’t you want to be spontaneous?
Go on a weekend trip without calculating how many hours of exercise you’ll miss?

Don’t you want to be free?
Go on vacations without needing to lose 20 pounds before you can even book the trip? Every damn time?

Don’t you want to be the master of your own life?

Instead of allowing other people’s comments to tear you apart?

What if you choose to hold on to their looks, their behavior in order to not have to change?

What if you choose to hold on to the need to be thin in order to not have to feel how much it hurts and then move on?

What if you choose to hold onto your diets because you are terrified of the hell that’s about to break loose in your life?

What if you let go and your entire world would change?
Would that be really so bad?

Would it be so so bad to change jobs?
To leave that abusive guy?
To finally get serious about your financial situation?

Would it be so so so bad to break your heart in order to heal it properly?
To cry, to feel, to wail, to rage until you fall asleep?
To dare yourself to do things you’ve always wanted to do –
but couldn’t because you weren’t thin enough?

Would it be so bad?

So, I ask you –
why do you want to be thin?

Why do you want to continue to live in misery?
Why are you so willing to cause yourself all this pain?

And why do you choose to chase a dream that really, in all its glory, is not yours?
Doesn’t it hurt?

Aren’t you ready to surrender-
and choose the road less traveled?

To be the trailblazer?
To allow yourself to love yourself from the inside out?
From the outside in?
And in between?

You do know what you’re doing.
You do know that this will not lead to happiness.
You do know that something has to change.

You do know that the time to do something is NOW.

Ready? Take the leap of faith and book your coaching package with me now.
It’s time to stop wanting to be THIN and start wanting to be FREE.

You have what it takes to turn this around.
You have what it takes to be surrender to your binges, to your overeating, to your constant restriction, to your fear of movement or your overexercising.

I see it in your eyes.
I see it in your heart.
I see it in your every move and every word.

You are the one you were always meant to be –
just covered by fear and shame –
and the wrong belief that being thin will instantly ease all your pain and allow you to create a life of rainbows and unicorns.

It’s time to leave that behind.
It’s time to unleash the superwoman that’s inside.

Not overnight.
But by strategically going through the steps to allowing your core to shine.

I’m here to help. <3

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