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In this episode of Escape Diet Prison, I am joined by Dr. Jennifer Gaudiani, the Founder and Medical Director of the the Gaudiani Clinic. The Gaudiani Clinic is a unique outpatient medical clinic specifically dedicated to adolescents and adults with eating disorders or a history of an eating disorder, of all shapes and sizes.

As one of the only outpatient internists in the United States who carries the credential Certified Eating Disorder Specialist (CEDS) and Fellow in the Academy for Eating Disorders (FAED), she is passionate about the medical care of adolescents and adults who have a complicated relationship with food and their body.

Board Certified in Internal Medicine, she completed her undergraduate degree at Harvard, medical school at Boston University School of Medicine, and her internal medicine residency and chief residency at Yale, where she won numerous clinical awards. Dr. Gaudiani moved to Denver in 2007, choosing Colorado with her husband because its emphasis on the outdoors, the incorporation of nature into daily life, and the importance of family activity time as it offered a great way to foster work-life balance.

In 2008, she was one of the founding team members of the ACUTE Center for Eating Disorders at Denver Health. After seven great years there, she left as its Medical Director to pursue her vision of outpatient care, founding the Gaudiani Clinic. During her years at ACUTE, Dr. Gaudiani became a nationally recognized internist for her work on the medical complications of eating disorders. Dr. Gaudiani’s book, Sick Enough: A Guide to the Medical Complications of Eating Disorders, was released in October 2018.

She has lectured nationally and internationally and is widely published in the scientific literature as well as on blogs. She is a current member of the editorial board of the International Journal of Eating Disorders and and the Academy for Eating Disorders Medical Care Standards Committee and is a former board member of iaedp (International Association of Eating Disorder Professionals).

Dr. Gaudiani is one of the only outpatient internists in the US who carries the Certified Eating Disorder Specialist designation and has received the honorable designation of Fellow from the international organization Academy for Eating Disorders. In founding the Gaudiani Clinic, she has established a nationally unique outpatient medical setting, not dictated by restraints on visit time or insurance rules, where strong, supportive, and healing relationships with patients help them achieve wellness while remaining in their communities. Through lectures and consulting work, she continues to improve the quality of medical care for patients with eating disorders in treatment programs around the country.

Check out Dr. Gaudiani’s book Sick Enough.

We talk about:

  • Dr. Gaudiani’s motivation for working with those struggling with eating disorders
  • Her own relationship with food and her body and how this affects her work
  • The false ideology that there’s a relationship between our weight and our worthiness
  • The fact that recovery is possible but complicated and that it often takes a village
  • The truth that every single wonderful human has their own story and their own unique desires and fears that must be taken into consideration during treatment
  • How individuals are being harmed by the medical system
  • Weight-inclusive healthcare
  • How the brain tries to save us from starvation
  • Why she would never prescribe weight loss
  • Why and how HAES works medically
  • Why and how diet culture doesn’t work
  • The study that suggests that cardiovascular death and cancer death are significantly elevated over time in patients’ following a very low carb diet
  • What to do when you feel like you absolutely cannot accept your body and still hold on to needing to lose weight
  • Why you cannot fight the genetics of your body
  • Dr. Gaudiani’s book “Sick Enough: A Guide to the Medical Complications of Eating Disorders
  • How to stop being scared of sugar or other foods you demonized
  • Intuitive Eating
  • Why anything else is healthier than restriction
  • Working with allergies, IBS and more
  • How we can do better for the next generation
  • and so much more!

Love and light,

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