You can do and be more than you will ever believe


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In mid May, I spent a weekend with a group of women creating a sacred community and elevating each other to new levels of love, joy and healing.

We meditated, danced, did yoga, bared our souls under the full moon and allowed our spirits to shine.

While being with my own thoughts, I (re)learned lessons and had some realizations that weren’t suuuper comfortable, but brought me closer to who I truly am.

Here are a few of my insights:

1. Our thoughts can be real bitches

As if I didn’t know that already, right?

I did and yet I felt the full negative power of my thoughts during those hours of meditation and stillness. It was fascinating how ridiculous my line of thoughts got.

If you can relate, then know this: you are not unique in your struggle. What will make you unique however is to not let your thoughts drag you down. Instead of handing your power over to the randomness of your thoughts, do the thought work and come back on top as the champion you are.

2. Healing happens in spirals

Patterns of self-abuse present themselves as often as they need to until we fully resolve them. If an issue comes up year after year and you feel like you’ve done a lot of work on it, don’t go into victim mode and make yourself feel like a failure.

Instead, lean in and ask yourself what else there is to learn, what else there is to let go of, what else there is to uncover. If your patterns don’t fade, there’s more work to be done…

3. Sometimes you just have to be crazy

and DO what your heart is nudging you to do. No doubting, no hesitating, simply taking action and running into your next adventure.

When was the last time you made your mind shut up and completely listened to your soul? If it’s been a while, then make a promise to yourself that you are going to be wild (whatever that means to you) and allowing your inner child to have a say!

Oh and before I forget: you can do and be more than you will ever believe! Trust yourself a little more!

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