Your Body is Truly a Gift


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Do you ever find yourself….

  • Feeling FAT?
  • Looking in the mirror and wanting to cry?
  • Absolutely hating your body?
  • Hopping from one diet to the next hoping you will finally fix your emotional eating and find your self-worth?
  • Dreaming of being free from dieting thoughts and body-shame?
  • Wishing you could finally accept your body as she is?

Being at war with your body is like living a life in hell.

You’re constantly suffering, hurting, wishing you were someone else, different, better, enough.

I know, I used to wish I was a completely different person. I hated my body and abused it for decades.

The truth is that most women feel that way. We are ridiculously unhappy and insecure.


Most women spent their entire lives living for diets.

Most women never experience what it’s like to be at peace with their bodies.

Most women are extremely disconnected from the wisdom that their bodies’ hold.

Most women want to be free but are too caught up in the dieting world to actually ever believe that they can have a different life.

Most women are miserable when they look in the mirror and insecure about their looks all of their lives.

Most women realize too late what a gift their body truly is.

Women just like YOU.

It doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with you.

It doesn’t mean you’re an exception.

It doesn’t mean you’re ugly, fat, unattractive and lazy.

It’s just a reflection of our times and our inability to feel our feelings and live our lives.

Luckily, there’s a different way to live, to be, to feel.

There’s a life without worrying about your body and simply being free.

There’s a life without blaming your body for everything that is wrong in your world.

There’s a life without the constant thoughts about which diet will help you lose your weight and which exercise program will tone your butt for bikini season.

There’s a whole new world of awesomeness out there. You might not see it yet, but I promise you, it’s there for you too.

Check out the Body-Love Wellness Circles and give yourself the gift of completely rewiring how you see your body/weight/diet/self.

We’re starting on April 29th!

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