Your Parents Don’t Own Your Body


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In this episode of the Escape Diet Prison Podcast, Deb and I share our thoughts on how to learn to accept and respect your body – even when your parents don’t.

When parents make it their job to regulate their children’s weight,

body image struggles and food issues are almost certainly a part of the children’s future. Growing up, we see everything our parents say as the truth as we don’t have the ability just yet to filter our reality.

Every time we are told that our weight is a problem, either through words or actions, we believe it, turn against ourselves and begin to see our bodies as a major disappointment to the people we want to please the most.

Unlearning to see your body through your (weight-obsessed) parents’ eyes takes some work, but with the help of a skilled coach, you can begin to own your body as your own again – and maybe for the first time in your life.

It’s OK for you to stop competing with your mom’s weight,

to stop allowing your mom to watch your diet, to stop being triggered by your dad’s comments about your weight (aka. Should you really eat that? When are you going to lose the weight? You’ve gained some pounds, haven’t you?).

You can step out of their diet-centric shadow in order to heal your body image and accept your body for all the things she is, instead of hating her for the weight she carries.

Listen to this episode to learn how you can take the first steps toward complete freedom from needing your parents’ approval of your diet, body and weight.

Ready to change your relationship with your body and yourself?

Join the Body-Love Wellness Circles – starting April 29th!

Here’s just a bit of what you’ll gain when you join this 6-month group coaching program:

You will begin to notice your body again.

Most of us are completely disconnected from our bodies. We have no idea what it actually means to feel our bodies and to inhabit them. In the Circles, you’ll learn to notice your body again and slowly come back to a natural way of living with your body instead of hating upon it.

You will stop abusing your body and yourself.

We abuse our bodies with thoughts and behaviors and it’s so normal that we often don’t even realize it. In this program, you’ll become aware of all the abuse you’re putting yourself through and you’ll lovingly and gently transform your hateful thoughts to loving ones.

You will be at ease with your body and feel AMAZING in your skin.

With the changes in perceiving yourself and food, you’ll naturally begin to feel at ease with your body. You’ll rock your outfits, laugh wholeheartedly and even walk around nakedly again without feeling shame and misery.<

You will stop dieting once and for all – and KNOW that you don’t HAVE TO be on a diet at any given moment of your life!

Diets ruin way too many lives. By joining the Circles, you’ll learn to eat in harmony with your body again instead of solely relying on your mind, the media, weight loss programs and books to tell you how much you should eat, when you should eat and what you should eat.

You will allow yourself to be imperfect – and love yourself anyway.

We are all perfectly imperfect, but it’s hard to embrace that fact. By coming back home to your body, you’ll begin to free yourself of the need to be and look perfect all the time. And you’ll delight in the positive space that letting go of perfectionism will provide.

You will stop thinking about food. All. The. Time.

When your life revolves around food, it plain old sucks. Thinking about 24/7 takes away all the joy you have for other things. In the Circles, you’ll turn that around and instead of obsessing over what to eat and when and where, you’ll begin to live in the moment and enjoy your life in so many more ways.

You will learn to truly love, respect and accept yourself.

By doing the work and transforming your thoughts, you’ll begin to love and accept all of yourself again. Getting to this point takes time and lots and lots of TLC, but it is possible for everyone – including YOU.

Together, we’re going to unlearn all of your beliefs, fears, behaviors and habits that keep you in your own personal diet hell!

We’ll get to the root of what is keeping you stuck, heal it and create the foundation for you to live your legacy of freedom and bold magnificence.

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