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Welcome to the second of our #escapees episodes of Escape The Rat Race Radio, a shorter, punchier insight into some of our members stories since they took the leap of faith and sacked their boss!

I’ll still be bringing you the same level of successful entrepreneurs, personal development coaches and marketeers to the show as always every two weeks...but in between you’ll now also get the opportunity to hear from people who may seem a little more within reach of where you are right now…..members of the escape the rat race community who have been attending our events since we launched in 2015, working with myself and our mentors, but most importantly working hard on themselves and picking a lane upon which to focus.

I’ll be breaking down their story into three parts:

Where You Were

Where You Are Now

Where You Want To Get To

I’ll also be asking them if they can remember the date they set as their ‘Escape The Rat Race Day’- and if you don’t already have a date written down somewhere for yourself, let me challenge you now to do so. State your intention, write it down, and put it in a draw somewhere. It certainly worked for Andrew Carnegie, so why not give it a try.

OK, let’s do this! Escapee #2, coming up….

Links & Resources mentioned in this episode:

Rich Dad Poor Dad Book

Cashflow 101 Board Game

Tim Ferriss Blog - Fear-Setting

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