EP34: John Williams - How To Create A Business With Zero Competition


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Would you like to start doing more of what you love….and get paid for it? John Williams is the Best-selling author of ‘Screw Work Break Free’ and ‘Screw Work Let's Play’.

Throughout John’s wildly varied career, he has been an employee, a freelancer, a consultant on contract and he is now the founder and director of The Ideas Lab.

After John’s first book was released it spurred the creation of programmes such as The Screw Work 30-day Challenge, with hundreds of people around the world making an idea happen in 30 days. The new ideas and techniques in the 30-day Challenge have had a profound impact on it’s participants, with many sharing stories afterwards of life-changing experiences. When you include all of the live events, Mastermind and Mentorship programmes and consulting to corporations, several thousand people have road-tested the strategies laid out by John in ‘Screw Work Break Free’.

In this interview, John discusses how anybody can start a business with zero competition.

In this episode you’ll learn…

  • How you can create a business with zero competition and instantly be the number one in your field
  • Why it is easier now to solve people’s problems through having your own business than it was 10 years ago
  • How John designed his own exit strategy from the corporate world and what a wonderful feeling it was to do so
  • Why reading lots of books and working with selected coaches helped John to learn the fundamentals of entrepreneurship in the early days of running his business
  • Why the choice of what you do as an entrepreneur is mostly driven by what you love doing rather than money [although money is still important!]
  • Why you should start planning your escape plan whilst you still have a job, and not just jumping ship hoping all will work out fine
  • How you have to actually get outside of your comfort zone and physically test and try some business ideas in order to discover which ones might be the best fit for you


‘I think that I never quite suited jobs, and I assumed that’s what you had to do’

‘The biggest thing that they’ve got to do [employees] if they haven’t run a business before, is to think like an Entrepreneur’

‘If you work for yourself and you go into a job, you’ll be a way better employee, and way more valuable’

‘You need to sell yourself as something that people actually want’

‘A model of Entrepreneurship is a bit more like art. What do you want to give to the world and what do you have that no one else has?’

Links & Resources mentioned in this episode:

Screw Work Break Free: How To Launch Your Own Money Making Idea in 30 Days - Book

Screw Work Let’s Play - Book

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