EP44: Kevin Whelan - Using your pension as the fuel to help you escape the rat race


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Do you aspire for complete financial Independence?

My guest on today’s episode is Kevin Whelan, Founder of WealthBuilders, and a close friend and mentor of mine.

WealthBuilders is a family of companies with a common mantra to ‘create, build and protect’ the wealth of their members. Kevin has a strong belief that everyone has the right to be financially independent, an achievement that Kevin realised many years ago, and he has since focused his attention on teaching others, through an elegant blueprint which highlights ‘7 pillars of wealth’, essentially the 7 different assets which can generate cash flow,

In this interview, Kevin candidly talks about his ‘why’ and also talks about the difficulties that people encounter in creating their own watertight plan to achieve complete financial independence.

We also take a closer look at one of the biggest source of retirement wealth in the UK, however it is the most overlooked and certainly the most undervalued, which is pensions. If you have a pension which is hidden away and something that you, like many others, believe can’t be accessed until old age, think again.

During our conversation Kevin makes a special promise to assist anyone listening to gain access to a ‘Pension CPR’, so that you can begin the process of increasing your financial education and potentially tap into this highly overlooked source of funding [click the link in show notes or head to https://www.etrr.online/pensioncpr for more details.

In this episode you’ll learn…

  • How the loss of Kevin’s father at a young age was the catalyst behind Kevin’s decision to achieve financial independence for himself
  • That assets create cash flow, and if you have cash flow then you don’t need to work for that, because you’ve already built it
  • Kevin’s unique definition of what an asset is
  • The 7 assets that have the potential to generate cash flow and increase your wealth
  • Why your pension should absolutely NOT be overlooked and forgotten about any longer
  • The difference between SIPP and SSAS pensions and the benefits over traditional workplace pensions
  • If you own a business and you also have a pension, that you can take ownership of that pension yourself, and become the legal operator, rather than leaving it in the hands of somebody else to manage it for you
  • Kevin’s fascinating insights into what holds most people back from building wealth
  • What the 5 sources of leverage are


‘I would definitely say to anybody now, find someone you resonate with, find a mentor or coach, and make sure that you take advantage of their skills ahead of you’

‘There is a world of difference between income that flows from work, and income that flows from assets; one is temporary and the other is permanent.’

‘You can take money that’s stuck in forgotten pensions, and you can turn it into one of the other assets, which are the exciting entrepreneurial assets.’

‘In order to escape something you have to take action. And the action you take is with the other 4 pillars of wealth, which are the entrepreneurial pillars’

‘There’s a bit of a misnomer that traditionally when you think about pensions, you think ‘I’ve got to be old’ and there’s no access, that money’s locked away. But it’s not true’.

‘It’s the combination of the strategies that makes the acceleration that gets people out of the rat race much more quickly.’

‘If you save money, and then make that money work, you get leverage’

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