EP49: John Kettley - What does ‘winning’ mean to you?


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Have you got a clear picture in your mind of what your ‘perfect life’ looks like?

My name is Christian Rodwell and today I'm talking with Serial Entrepreneur, Master Sales Trainer, Author, Speaker & Mentor, John Kettley, about the the mind behind success that every aspiring Entrepreneur needs to understand and follow.

In John’s own words, he’s just a regular fella who’s worked out exactly what he wants from his life, and through blinkered focus & hard work, has achieved extraordinary success.

John Kettley is a well-known expert on the subject of cultivating the ‘mind behind success’ and he has graciously consented to this interview to share extensive knowledge and experience to help us stay on track in this area so that all of you aspiring Entrepreneurs listening can understand the rules of how to build a business that creates wealth.

I first met John back in 2015, very early into my own journey as a business owner, and it was John’s down to earth manner and no bullshit approach to business and sales training that instantly attracted him to me, so much so that I asked John if he would be my personal business mentor, to which I’m extremely grateful that he agreed.

It was John that pushed me to launching the very first 12 month Business Mentoring Program at Escape The Rat Race at the start of 2016, way before I felt ready to do so, and that in itself show’s the value of having a great mentor who will know when to push you, and when to pull back.

I can’t wait for you to hear some of the nuggets of wisdom that John has in store for you today, so let's just jump right in, and head over to my interview with serial entrepreneur and trusted Escape The Rat Race business mentor, John Kettley.

In this episode you’ll learn…

  • Why you absolutely must figure out what ‘winning’ means to you before you even begin to build a new business
  • Self awareness is the starting block to creating anything great; find out who you really are, and what you really want
  • The story of how one man who had spent 28 yrs working for Natwest Bank, 15 of those as Business Manager, realised that he knew nothing about business...until 2 years after taking redundancy and actually running his own business.
  • The biggest thing that holds people back from starting a business
  • The #1 thing that most people do not do when starting a new business
  • The key points that you need to include on your one page business plan
  • Why peer group mentoring is the fastest way to achieve a solid and positive mindset
  • The morning ritual that John uses to start every single day with gratitude


‘You absolutely will come across challenges on a daily basis. That’s the way it is for Entrepreneurs’

‘Any successful Entrepreneur will tell you that they are a prolific failure’

‘The biggest thing that holds people back from starting a business is their risk aversion’

‘Too many people start marketing before they’ve worked out the brand and the core offering’

‘Don’t be afraid to learn how to sell. it is the art of communication’

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