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Are you committed to building your personal brand in 2018?

My name is Christian Rodwell and today I’m talking with Serial Entrepreneur, Best selling Author and the Founder of Youpreneur, Chris Ducker

Youpreneur is the business community for coaches, consultants, authors, speakers, bloggers, podcasters, freelancers and entrepreneurs focusing on building a business around their brand, reputation, and those they serve.

Chris helps entrepreneurs become the go-to leaders in their industries; building profitable, sustainable business around them and those they want to serve.

The term Youpreneur – which Chris coined - describes the rise of the personal brand entrepreneur, a new business model that very few people saw coming. A Youpreneur transcends the old rules of business to build a sustainable business from the foundation of their experience, interests and personality – their personal brand.

As a serial entrepreneur who always has an eye to the future, Chris has built several businesses, which generate a multi-seven-figure annual revenue and employ over 450 employees.

Chris is featured regularly in Entrepreneur, Inc., Success, Forbes, The Huffington Post and Business Insider, among others.

In this episode, you’ll learn…

The pathway that led Chris to relocate from the UK to the Philippines and set up a recruitment agency which morphed into becoming the number one provider of dedicated, experienced Filipino Virtual Assistants

  • Why nearly 6m people have downloaded Chris’ Podcast - Youpreneur FM
  • The Epiphany moment that Chris had whilst on a flight back from Miami which resulted in him writing his resignation letter and never looking back since
  • Why Chris believes that getting good at P2P (People to People) is The MOST important contributing factor in business success
  • The ‘Self Awareness’ Test that Chris asks all aspiring entrepreneurs to complete before they get started
  • The top 2 things online that are working best right now when it comes to building your personal brand
  • How to know when the right time is for you to take on your own virtual staff


‘Relationships…..for me, are the single most important thing in business. Even more important than profitability.’-Chris Ducker

‘If you build the business of YOU, there are no competitors. it’s 100% original’-Chris Ducker

‘Your [personal] brand is what people say about you when you’re not around’-Chris Ducker

‘Having a Mentor makes everything so much easier (whether they know about it or not)’-Chris Ducker

‘If you don’t fail, you’ll never ever learn. If you don’t learn, you can never become successful’-Chris Ducker

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Virtual Freedom - How To Work with Virtual Staff [Book] - Chris Ducker

Youpreneur Community

Think & Grow Rich [Book] - Napoleon Hill

Youpreneur Summit - London 2018

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