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What’s the big problem that your business solves for people?

My name is Christian Rodwell and today I’m talking with lean thinking Expert Dharmesh Raithatha. Dharmesh is Product Partner at Forward Partners and he helps founders go from idea stage to having a great product or service and successful businesses.

Dharmesh has a passion for User Research, Lean UX and using data to inform decision making. Dharmesh also has a background in artificial intelligence and has been developing products for over 12 years in either his own or other high profile startups.

Now if you’re still in the early stages of developing your own business or perhaps have not yet even launched, then today’s episode is going to be especially useful as we discuss some of the methods used in the Lean Business Canvas, which is a highly engaging and fun way of creating a winning business plan that identifies all of the crucial ares in the business that you need to have sussed before you advance too far.

In this episode you’ll learn…

  • What a Venture Capitalist is and how they think
  • What is the Lean Canvas Model and why you should create one for your business
  • The differences between Venture Capital and Angel Investing
  • The first step that every entrepreneur needs to take when validating a new idea
  • Tools you can use to quickly bring your ideas to life in a MVP (Minimum Viable Product)
  • The importance of testing your ideas quickly
  • The early steps that AirBnB took to validate their business model before they scaled
  • The first steps for finding a co-founder or mentor to prevent you from going down a rabbit hole in your new business
  • How you can go about protecting your ‘big idea’ if you’re concerned about someone stealing it


‘Your first sale is the hardest. The reality is you’re going to get more.’

‘If you haven’t got venture capital, you have to be more creative in how you acquire your customers’

‘Startups are hard, stressful and income is often low. You have to love what you do’

‘The best way to protect your idea is by owning it and getting it out there’

Links & Resources mentioned in this episode:

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