Ezra Firestone - What’s The Easiest Business To Get Started With?


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Hi! My name is Christian Rodwell and today I’m talking with CEO of Smart Marketer, Ezra Firestone.

Ezra is a creative, personable down-to earth entrepreneur, who thrives on helping people to reach their business goals - most notably in the online world and especially eCommerce.

Despite being recognised today as one of the smartest marketing guys on the planet, Ezra began in just the same manner as many of you listening will be doing right now - moonlighting as an entrepreneur, coming home after work each night and spending a couple of hours studying eCommerce and marketing ...which led him to setting up his first online store, My Costume Wigs.

Like most of us, Ezra was chasing Freedom in life to focus on the things that really mattered to him - such as his loved ones and just having that freedom of choice and not having to answer to somebody else.

After a couple years running a profitable ecommerce store, he systemised the process well enough that he had time to start another. In 2010 he created what would become his most successful brand, a pro-age cosmetics line called BOOM! by Cindy Joseph. ...a business that now generates over $20m/year.

I could have chosen to pick Ezra’s brains about the latest cutting edge marketing strategies … (and if you want some of that then head to youtube where you’ll find heaps of videos) however I felt it would be of more value for Escape The Rat Race listeners to find out what type of business Ezra recommends for someone just starting out.

Ezra has been in the online world for a long time now, and has tried a LOT of different things ...so If you’re serious about escaping your 9-5 within the next 12 months, then get ready to take some notes.

OK Let’s do this! Let’s head on over to my conversation with Ezra Firestone.


Ezra has very kindly shared his powerful new Facebook Ad Strategy for you to download. All you need to do is head on over to www.etrr.online/podcast77

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