Jeff's Door - What Campaign is This?


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After a long break, we are back with a new game series! Don't worry, The Teacher's Campaign and Heroes of New Cydonia will continue, as will short one-shots as they happen.
In this episode, Jeffrey introduces his idea for a campaign based off a video game from the 90s and a version of Dungeons and Dragons from the 80s, updated to the modern day with 5th edition, and rule and story updates to hopefully make it work in a tabletop setting.
We leave the happy-go-lucky lands of the Teacher's Campaign, and Vince's creation inspired by Discworld, and adventure into the Forgotten Realms, a world with more in common with video games of the 80s, 90s, and early 2000s, and inspired by the Lord of the Rings. Our players choose who will be the main character, and who will be support, and one character is introduced, Arry. No, that is not the voice that will be used for him for the game, but yes, he will talk like that... probably for the whole campaign. He will be a good pally-din.
As far as explanations for the long absence, yes, part of it was planned around a gap in recordings. The recordings for The Teacher's Campaign will resume, but for several weeks, there will be a drop in quality due to equipment failures during two of the games. We are exploring ways to make it work better in the future.
But the planned gap was only a couple of weeks, so why has it been a month? Life. Our editor getting sick, then exam season, then tax season... life. C'est la vie. We will try and plan around such foreseeable difficulties in the future. Please bear with us, and thank you for your patience.

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