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The Listeners by Anne E.G. Nydam

The Listeners by Anne E.G. Nydam

"Is there anybody there?" said the Traveller,

Knocking on the moonlit door

The Listeners by Walter de la Mare (1912) is a wonderfully atmospheric narrative poem. My adapted version is shorter but stays close to the original. The evocative image by Anne E.G. Nydam will also help with comprehension.

Lesson Activity

  1. Ask students to focus on the image (onscreen or via worksheet). What can they see? What do they think the poem is about?

  2. Play adapted version. Ask students to focus on general comprehension. What happens?

  3. Play adapted version again - with students reading the text. Answer quick check questions.

  4. . Play Edward Sargeant animation of the original. What differences do they notice?

  5. Extension for higher levels - Work on original text of The Listeners . You can find some excellent teaching resources (presentations & worksheets here.

The Listeners - Adapted text/worksheet

The Listeners - Complete original text

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