War of the Worlds (C1)


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The War of the Worlds (1898) is one on the most popular science fiction stories. It has been filmed many times.

From the recent BBC adaptation - which makes major changes to the original novel.

From the recent BBC adaptation - which makes major changes to the original novel.

Learning resource

The War of the Worlds opens with a famous description of a planet unprepared for a coming invasion.

  1. Pay the audio - what atmosphere does it create?

  2. Show class this presentation.

Chapter Two

In this (edited) extract, an astronomer, Ogilvy, investigates a ‘fallen star’ . He discovers that it is something much more mysterious - and dangerous

Ogilvy finds the 'falling star' on Horsell Common. As he gets closer he sees that it is an unusual shape. Then he hears noises within. Edited extract from Chapter Two of H.G. Wells classic novel - ideal for students new to the story The War of the Worlds sale The War of the Worlds 2.99 4.99

Audiobook of condensed version of the H.G Wells classic. Ideal for GCSE students, language learners etc. Includes:

  • Two audio files (Book One & Book Two)

  • Audiobook standard M4b files for iTunes & similar.

  • Complete condensed text, with contents & chapter breaks.

  • Access to MP3 version on request.

  • Use on computer, tablet, phone etc.

  • Ideal for classroom presentation.

Audio duration: 3 hours 27 minutes (Unabridged versions around 6 hours)

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