016: 'An Audiophile Hangout'


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In this week's show, we have a great conversation with an amazing guest, Mr Jamie Lidell! A man that is so easy to talk to that we cover a lot of ground! Looping journeys, creative expression, his Modular journey and philosophy, all this is wrapped up with some amazing nuggets of information and insights!

Show Timings

Intro 0:00

What Ben has been up to 0:37

What Ed has been up to 1:29

Our guest sneaks in the intro (Alvin Lucier :) 2:53

Guest intro 3.54

Jamie Lidell Pecan chat 4.42

All about the looping 5.40

The Creative process 23.05

Modular journey 29:54

The creative process with Modular 41:30

Relaxing and resetting with Meditation 56:45

Round up 1:07:30

Show Notes

Jamie Lidell Website:



Nigel Mullaney - 31 days album


Marcus Fischer - thing a day


Taylor Duepree - sound diary


Alvin Lucier



Ed Ball Website:https://www.edwardball.co.uk

Ed Ball on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/Edwardball

Ben Wilson aka DivKid: https://www.youtube.com/user/DivKidVideo
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