20 different ways to say YES in English


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Today you’re going to learn a lot of different ways to say “yes” in English.

But wait – why should you learn these expressions, when you could just use “yes” to keep things simple? There are two good reasons:
  1. So that you can understand native English speakers, because we use these expressions all the time. If you only know the word “yes,” then you might be confused when you hear someone say “Why not?” or “Be my guest!”
  2. So that you can express your own answers in creative ways. Some of these expressions actually add additional meaning beyond a simple “yes,” so it’s important to learn types of situations where you can use them.
Let’s get started with these 20 ways to say yes! Instead of showing you a big list of words, I’m going to show each one inside a little situation. Now you know 20 different ways to say “yes” in English, in all sorts of different situations – formal and informal, replying to questions about facts, favors, and offers. To continue improving your spoken English and learning the phrases that native speakers use, come join my Everyday English Speaking Courses. You’ll learn what to say when traveling, socializing, doing daily activities, and talking about all sorts of topics.

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