30 collocations with HAVE


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HAVE is one of the most common verbs in English, and we use this word in many different ways! In today's lesson, you'll learn 30 different collocations with have. These are the typical combinations of words that native speakers often use. I'll show you the collocations in example sentences. You can also create your own sentences using these collocations to help you remember them better.

A lot of students tell me they know a lot of English words, but they have a hard time putting the words together. Learning collocations will help you put words together in a correct way... in a way that sounds natural. You can learn 1000 common collocations inside my e-book. What's great about this e-book is that each lesson is super-quick - it only takes about 5 minutes to read the text, and 5 minutes to do the quiz.

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