Free Mini-Course - Words with Multiple Meanings!


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Today I want to invite you to join a FREE mini-course starting soon – all about English words with many different meanings and uses.

During your English studies, you may have seen lists of the most common English words – they’re simple words that we use VERY frequently, like run, set, play, and so on. You already know what they mean, right? But here’s the problem: These common words have MULTIPLE meanings. In fact, if you check the dictionary, some of these words have hundreds of different definitions! So you already know their basic meanings… but you probably aren’t familiar with all the various ways we use these words in English. For example, you know the basic meaning of the word cut. But what does it mean to “cut someone off” or “cut to the chase” or “make a cutting remark”? You know the basic meaning of the word play. But do you understand when someone says “it’s a play for sympathy” or “Let’s see how this plays out”? When you’re learning English, studying individual words and memorizing basic definitions is not enough. You need to learn how these words are used in so many different ways in real life. That’s why I’m offering this free mini-course about English words with multiple meanings. It starts on Monday, September 7th and runs for 5 days. Inside this mini-course, you’ll learn 5 common English words that we can use in over 100 different ways. Again, this is completely free – you just need to sign up so that I can email you each new lesson when the mini-course starts on September 7. In each lesson, we’ll focus on ONE word and I’ll teach you 20 different ways to use that word. I’ll give you examples to help you see how we use these expressions in real life, and then you can do practice exercises to review what you learned. I think you’ll really enjoy it!

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