Mini-Course Lesson 3: 20 ways to use the word BREAK in English


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Hi students! It's day 3 of our mini-course all about words with multiple meanings, and our word today is BREAK. Get ready to learn lots of different ways to use this word in English.

1. The basic and most common definition is to damage something and separate it into pieces. Yesterday I was washing the dishes and I accidentally dropped a glass, and it broke. If you break your arm or break your leg, it means the bone has separated into pieces - ouch! You can break something by accident, as in the example of dropping a glass, or you can break it on purpose - if I have a big chocolate bar I want to give to three kids, I would break the chocolate into three pieces.

2. We also use break when something stops working, stops being functional, even if it's not physically in pieces. If your printer keeps showing an error message, and it won't print, you could say the printer is broken.

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