My secret for staying motivated with Espresso English


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My recent videos were all about staying motivated when learning English... ...but what's MY secret to staying motivated when teaching English? There are some days when I feel sad, lazy, and discouraged. Sometimes I don't have the energy to prepare new lessons, and I don't want to turn on my video camera. Yes... even your English teacher lacks motivation sometimes! But here's how I get motivated again: I visit a page on the Espresso English website that you might not know about... it's called "Student Stories."

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It has SO MANY wonderful comments from students like you - all talking about how my lessons have helped them and changed their lives. When I read these student stories, it always makes me happy - and then I feel motivated and EXCITED to create more lessons and help more students! What's amazing about these stories is that there are students from lots of different countries... students of all different ages... students in a variety of jobs and life situations. All have learned and improved with Espresso English, and this is so encouraging to me as a teacher. So my secret to staying motivated is... hearing from YOU when you've enjoyed my lessons! Thank you so much to everyone who has sent me nice comments. Whether you're one of my long-time students who has followed my lessons for years... or whether you're one of my newer students who recently joined... I always love hearing from you. By the way, if you want to add your story to the "student stories" page, you can click here to send it! I hope you're having a great week. I'll send you more English lessons soon :-)

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