Question or doubt?


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Students often say, “I have a doubt” and then ask me something about English.

However, native speakers DON'T usually say it this way. If you want to know the answer about something, you should say “I have a question.” So how can you use the word "doubt" correctly? You'll learn how - with lots of examples and expressions - in today's lesson! When you're not exactly sure about the right word to use, it can make you lose confidence in your English skills, and then you hesitate to speak. But when you KNOW how to use English words correctly, then you will be able to speak and write without fear of mistakes! That's why I wrote the 600+ Confusing Words Explained E-Book - to help you understand these words clearly and use them correctly :-) If you've ever hesitated because you're not sure about the differences between words like specially and especially, interfere and intervene, or distinct and distinctive - this e-book is for you.

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