Quick answers to your questions about idioms


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A lot of students ask me about phrases and idioms they've heard in conversations and TV shows. In today's lesson, I'm going to share the answers with you, explaining each expression with a few examples.

Quick answers to your questions about idioms

There are a lot of idioms in English... and sometimes even native English speakers come across expressions we don't know! So how do we figure them out? We interpret them from the context. Based on the situation in which the idiom is said, we make our best guess as to what the expression means. My 300+ English Idioms Course helps you do this, too! Instead of just telling you what the idioms mean, I have you use your head... each lesson starts with a quiz where you try to interpret the idioms in context. Then I explain them to clear up any doubts. Try it yourself with this free sample lesson :-)

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