067: Getting To Hell Yes w/ Alexandra Jamieson and Bob Gower


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What we're talking about it this episode!
  • The four key principles to structuring your important and daily conversations
  • Anticipating potential communication landlines together as a unit
  • Using tactical empathy to understand someone else's point of view
  • Why you should be creating a safe word for when you are feeling triggered
  • The best ways to support others through your communication

Episode Summary:

Often issues that arise during communication are preventable issues that are linked towards our expectations in our relationships. Alexandra and Bob have created a four-step solution to framing your conversations in a way that result in a ‘hell yes’ for both parties. Co-authors and co-parents, Alexandra and Bob have brought their simple communication structure to the masses with their new book and are hoping to inspire everyone to get the most out of their everyday conversations.

Alexandra and Bob are diving into all four steps of their communication system in order to create a safe space and support others in your communication. By consciously framing how you ask questions, constantly viewing your decisions as a choice and continuously working to understand your triggers, you can get on the path of no drama and high joy.

Getting to Hell Yes is as much a communication tool as a mindset, and Alexandra and Bob’s interpretation of conversation is a refreshing change of pace in this modern world. By being vulnerable, expressing your expectations and truly listening to your partner you can begin to change the way you communicate and in turn your life.

Do you communicate well or could you use some work in that area? Give this communication system a try and let us know your results in the comments on the episode page!


“This is a process which is really good to being a little more strategic about the personal things that you are doing and the idea of achieving alignment” (8:12) - Bob

“It can be a little fear-inducing to say out loud the stuff we worry about, but it is absolutely important to help you reduce the anxiety in your nervous system” (17:16) - Alexandra

“We realized that there actually is a really positive outcome that we could experience. We aren't just here to ‘get through this thing’, we are actually here to connect” (28:47) - Bob

“You can discover so much about someone you have known your whole life. You can newly connect with them, and for some of us that is such an incredible gift” (31:01) - Alexandra

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