092: It Might Be Mold: How Mold Toxicity May Be the Cause of What Ails You w/ Dr. Ann Shippy


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What we're talking about in this episode!
  • First steps to addressing a mold problem inside your house and your body
  • The most effective supplement brands and foods for mold toxicity healing
  • What symptoms to look for in your body and environment that could be caused by mold
  • How to minimize your future exposure to mold toxins and environmental toxins
  • Ways to help support your body throughout the detox process to feel better faster

Episode Summary

Dr. Ann Shippy is on a mission to bring knowledge to the world about how mold and environmental toxins could be making you sick. Board certified in Internal Medicine and Functional Medicine, Dr. Ann combines the two realms and has discovered the harmful ways that mold toxicity could be impacting your life without evening knowing it.

Did you know that exposure to mold and other environmental toxins can make you short-tempered or unable to make decisions, cause joint and muscle pain and lead to greater chronic illnesses down the line? Dr. Ann suffered this first hand and left her career in engineering to bring this information to the masses. Today she is here to explain how mold toxins suppress your immune system, how to know if you have been impacted by mold, and how to heal your body and home if you have already been exposed.

If you can’t get to the bottom of your health issues, mold toxins may be to blame. Learn what symptoms to look for if you fear you may be exposed to mold, what types of tests you should be looking for if you are worried about mold exposure, and how to implement detox strategies that can get rid of mold and other hidden infections in the body.

Being exposed to mold can be a scary and overwhelming process, but with Dr. Ann Shippy’s help, you too can rid yourself of these harmful toxins, and get your environment and body back where they need to be to support you and your family.

Have you ever experienced the harmful side effects of mold exposure? Share your story with us in the comments on the episode page!


“Mold is not just an allergen causing asthma or allergies in people or mold infections, it's actually a toxic load problem.” (10:36)

“There is no area that is untouched by this. You just need to have a construction flaw or a leak that wasn't treated properly and people can get very, very sick.” (18:04)

“The same things that help to get rid of the mold toxins can also help to get the levels down of these other toxins in our bodies.” (30:07)“You can heal. Don’t give up, keep putting together the pieces of the puzzle for you or your loved one and you can get better.” (34:35)

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