105: What If Your Thyroid Actually Is Your Problem? w/ McCall McPherson PA


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What we're talking about in this episode!

  • The importance of empowering yourself with knowledge to manage your own care
  • What to do if you feel like your thyroid medication isn't working
  • Why the ‘normal levels’ you hear at the doctor's office are not reliable or accurate
  • Tips to get decent objective measurements of your thyroid hormones
  • How autoimmunity and slow thyroid degradation are driven by the same root causes
Episode Summary

If you are a woman, especially with children, the question is not if you will be touched by a thyroid condition, but when. McCall McPherson PA has become a passionate thyroid expert by way of being a thyroid patient and believes that the commonalities of thyroid issues for women can be healed with the right information.

Proper thyroid care is possible when you know what to look for, and can completely eliminate your thyroid symptoms. Even if your doctor tells you that your panels are within ‘normal’, your body could still be attacking your thyroid without you knowing it.

Learn what exactly to look for in your lab results and what tests to ask for, how to identify the driving factors of hypothyroidism and Hashimoto's and ways to navigate the medical space and advocate for yourself. When you know what to look for, you can pay attention to the small details and get your life back for good.

So many women deal with thyroid symptoms when in reality there is just no need for it. McCall is dedicated to perfecting thyroid treatment and eliminating these unnecessary symptoms for good.

Are you ready to get to the source of your thyroid issues by equipping yourself with the knowledge you need? Share what you learned from the thyroid guru McCall McPherson in the comments on the episode page.


“Many many years later, between my own personal experience and my knack for thyroid and hormones, now thyroid is my jam. Now I am the founder of Modern Thyroid Clinic which now I get to actually give patients their lives back every day, so it’s kind of a cool full circle thing.” (12:30)

“The sooner you can tune into your symptoms and tune into what to look out for and how to advocate for yourself, the sooner your symptoms will be solved and your mystery will be solved.” (17:47)

“My whole saying in my practice, and even now for Thyroid Nation, is there is no reason to still have thyroid symptoms, and I really believe that there isn't. And that is the goal.” (25:34)

“If I can get everyone into all of these labs into these very extremely narrow margins, it's like a light switch comes on, and people get their lives back.” (33:03)

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