108: What Your Doctor Isn't Telling You About Endometriosis & How to Treat It Naturally w/ Dr. Mariza


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What we're talking about in this episode

  • Exposing the irresponsibility found in diagnosis and treatment in the health care system
  • Understanding the complexity, causes and treatment options of Endometriosis
  • The importance of creating an autoimmune based anti-inflammatory diet
  • Essential oil recommendations to manage your symptoms and create hormone balance
  • How to promote your reproductive healing and fertility with castor and essential oils

Episode Summary

There is a good chance that your doctor isn’t telling you all that you need to know about endometriosis. Endometriosis is not like other period problems and is actually more accurately described as an inflammatory or auto-immune disease rather than a reproductive one.

Because of the negligence in our healthcare system, many women don't fully understand this disease and even fewer know how to treat it naturally. That’s why this episode is all about addressing your reproductive system head-on with natural solutions like essential oils, self-care techniques, and nutrition to help reverse and manage your symptoms.

Traditional hormonal suppression treatment can wreak havoc on your body and leave you feeling even more confused and hurting. By avoiding the right types of foods, decreasing inflammation in the body and supporting your hormones naturally, you can relieve your discomfort and create hormone synergy.

Are you ready to learn specific recommendations, supplements and essential oils to address your endometriosis and treat yourself naturally? Share how endometriosis has impacted your life in the comments on the episode page!


“What I wanted to talk about today was natural treatments of Endometriosis, and I have a lot of things I am excited to share.” (8:34)

“Hormone balancing oils can be used to not only help create hormone synergy but reduce the amount of inflammation that is going on.” (17:16)

“I recognize that every single person, you are on your own wellness journey. Somethings are going to work better for you than it is for others.” (25:16)

Resources Mentioned

EY 086: Maya Dusenbery

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