109: How to Tune In & Trust Your Inner Wisdom to Heal Your Body and Live Your Best Life w/ Melissa Kathryn


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What we're talking about in this episode

  • Practices to help you learn how to trust your body again
  • Why you should listen and trust in the little voices in your head
  • The importance of taking the time to journal and sit in your stillness
  • How to get the chaos out of your head and examine your own patterns
  • Strengthening the muscle to actually listen to yourself and ask for guidance

Episode Summary

Tuning into your inner wisdom takes some practice, but can result in you healing your body and living your best life. By learning how to listen and trust in your inner wisdom you can make peace with food, your body and yourself.

Melissa Kathryn knows the power of inner wisdom all too well after thyroid cancer brought her to her knees and influenced her to live life differently. Melissa now focuses on healing emotional eating and trauma through hypnotherapy and other natural remedies to help you thrive in a body that you love.

Today Melissa is here to encourage you to become an advocate for yourself by tapping into your own innate senses and trusting in the way the Universe is guiding you. Melissa believes that we are all reflections of each other and simply asking for guidance can result in finding answers in unexpected places.

If you are struggling to get into a flow and give up a bit of control, Melissa is here to provide simple and practical ways to find the answers you are searching for inside of yourself.

Are you ready to trust in your inner magic and let it bleed out for the world to see? Share how you are learning to connect with your body and tap into your own wisdom in the comments on the episode page!


“And thats when it really hit me, the severity, and how lucky I was to trust myself and be in that space and to trust it even when it did not make sense.” (12:15)

“Let go of control. Control is the masculine, so when we actually start to release we allow the body to relax and we allow the divine to step in and support us.” (21:14)

“Everyone on Earth is a messenger, and were all sending messages and giving messages to each other, answering the very things we are asking for guidance for.” (25:32)

“You will start to see that you are getting guidance everywhere. The trick is not to second guess it and ask five more people!” (35:45)

“Follow the golden nuggets, don't question them, they are in front of you and there is a reason, you have to just pursue. If its a desire its meant for you.” (37:02)

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