The perfect summer dish


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The Catalans love it: salt cod salad. It's made with shredded salt cod, onions, tomatoes, and black olives. In Spain it's known as Esqueixada: a traditional dish with cult status.Recipe Salt Cod Salad Ingredients for 4 Persons 400 g raw salted cod (middle section from the back) 60 g tomatoes 40 g green onions 20 g green bell pepper 20 g black Aragón olives 40 g flat green beans 20 ml olive oil Virgen extra 8 ml Sherry vinegar 8 g salt 4 g fennel fronds Preparation Shred the cod to remove the white nerve fibers. This works best when done by hand. Finely chop the vegetables, season with oil and vinegar and let stand for 15 minutes, then add the olives. Sprinkle the fish with oil and add the fennel fronds. Dose the salt very cautiously, then dress. Bon appétit!

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