ENGN 156 - Post GenCon 2019 Wrap-Up, Part 3: Many Dice Games


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Our (belated yet still hopefully valuable) GenCon coverage rolls on, this time with some short games that use dice to make them go.

First up, Jason shares about Unbroken (4:46), a resource management game of survival that is optimized for the one player experience. Jason wanted to review the game independently of some of the controversy surrounding it's Kickstarter fulfillment, so we get into that right at the beginning. If you want to hear further thoughts about the situation, please stay tuned until the end of the episode.

Then, Anthony chats about the newest Matt Leacock dice game, Era: Medieval Age (13:47). This one is a follow up to Roll Through the Ages, one of the grandaddies of the roll n write genre, only this new version has player boards, toy buildings, and a lot more!

Jason then jumps back in with (spoiler alert) one of his favorite dice games that he has played in a very long time, Mageling (24:31).

Finally, we wrap up with Anthony in all of his roll n write glory, providing quick reviews of a pile of them that he got at GenCon, including Brikks, Second Chance, Deadly Doodles, Dizzle, Patchwork Doodle, On Tour and Cartographers.

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