ENP 18.1 Bay Area: Trip Report - Muir Woods, Presidio/Fort Point, Rosie the Riveter


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There are more than 30 National Park Service sites around the San Francisco Bay area. In this Trip Report, Bryan, Danielle and the girls discuss their visits to Muir Woods, the Presidio and Fort Point, and Rosie the Riveter WWII Homefront National Historic Park.

Our Discussion Journey:

  • Bryan and Danielle discuss Muir Woods and the sights of San Francisco (2:03)

  • Reservation requirements for visiting Muir Woods (4:55)

  • Who founded Muir Woods? (6:21)

  • What are you going to see as you approach the Muir Woods National Monument (7:54)

  • Bryan and Danielle discuss the experience of Muir Woods and how they interacted with the natural space (8:57)

  • We talk “Tree Talk” adventures and sunrise walks (12:30)

  • Why the redwoods are so captivating (14:15)

  • Exploring the panoramic views and the history of Hawk Hill (16:42)

  • About Fort Point and the Presidio (18:55)

  • The perspective our girls had on Rosie the Riveter WWII Homefront National Historic Site (23:17)

  • Bryan’s take on a valuable lesson Rosie has for all of us (26:44)

  • What the Homefront National Park has to offer beyond Rosie (27:42)

  • Danielle’s eldest daughter shares her Muir Woods experience (29:57)

  • The tallest, the biggest, the oldest of the trees (31:05)

  • How do redwoods get their water & how climate change impacts this (32:56)

  • Daughter’s joke of the day (33:51)

  • Why daughter loves Rosie the Riveter & other takeaways from Fort Point (34:28)

  • Insights from Danielle’s youngest daughter (37:01)

Tips for your Travels:

  • You need to make a reservation for Muir Woods in advance. You can either reserve a parking spot in 30 minute increments or reserve a shuttle online.

  • Get lost in the quiet atmosphere and be mindful of volume to fully experience the majesty of Muir Woods.

  • Check the Muir Woods website for special tours that you need to plan ahead for.

  • Don’t forget your camera.

  • Always check the weather!

  • Carry more water than you think you need!

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