Something Wicked This Way Apples, with Bobby Fowler and Brenda Noiseux


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ETAO Podcast, Episode 41.

Bobby Fowler and Brenda Noiseux (collectively known as Almost A Game) stop by for a Halloween-as-hell chat about their whimsical tabletop skulduggery simulator, Wicked Apples. We talk about the unique joys of tabletop games—and of digital game, for that matter, and about translating each to the other. We also discuss the ever-rewarding oh-so-fine-line of making all-ages macabre: making it less grim than Grimm, you might say, not to mention less archly moralistic.

Beasts of Balance is that game I couldn’t think of.

Immortal Defense was excellent, but I believe that I was actually thinking of Defender’s Quest: Valley of the Forgotten. (Sorry, Adam).

• Here’s that one Imaginary Worlds about “the imagination gap”.

• It was Alec Meer who argued, “the quintessential element of boardgaming, I would argue, is the OH YOU BASTARD moment.”
“All The People Say (Season 2)” by Carpe Demon.
“Haunted House Boogie” by Happy Wilson and Ruth Keener, performed by Jack Rivers.

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