Where the Die Had Not Yet Been Cast, with Max Krieger


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ETAO Podcast, Episode 67.

We cross paths with Max Krieger and talk CROSSNIQ+ and the so-called, much-lately-in-vogue Y2K aesthetic. Come for the discussion of how aesthetics and attitudes toward technology are inextricable from history and politics, stay for a spirited endorsement of the indie game development scene in Cleveland (and of Cleveland in general).

Let’s Cross! Aim for THE TOP!

You can get CROSSNIQ+ on Steam, Itch, and Switch.
The soundtrack is available on Bandcamp.
You can also follow Max (and the game itself) on Twitter.
• At time of posting, Blizzard is still bravely trying to appear to stand for the right things while also trying to insist that they don’t stand for anything at all. We’ll give that show thing some more airtime once it’s clearer what it’s all going to mean.

• The Y2K Aesthetic Institute Twitter account is indeed a solid follow.

• Here are the “Scream” video and the “Blue” video.

• Yes, yes, The Designer’s Republic.

• Here’s some hackery coverage of the Alexa-baffling white noise blob

Here’s Train, should you want to try it out, as well as Max’s writeup thereof.

• Do check out The Cleveland Game Developers, game developers in and around Cleveland!

Ingenuity, too!

• And here’s that blessed and accursed Cheesecake Factory thread.
“All The People Say (Season 3)” by Holly Hyperion.
“CROSS TO THE LIMIT” by DV-i from UPLINK – CROSSNIQ+ Original Sound.
“Apple Blossoms” by Vernon Geyer.
“MECHANIQ” by ViRiX Dreamcore from UPLINK – CROSSNIQ+ Original Sound.

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