Ep. 74 With Kimmye Bohannon - The Power & Importance of Juicing


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In this fresh episode, we are joined by one of the founders of “The Weekly Juicery,” Kimmye Bohannon. Kimmye explores and unravels her juicing journey and shares her top tips for chasing good health & aging in reverse. She also states how she began turning her hobby into her career, being able to provide a nutritious and organic beverage to over 200 Weekly Juice Customers. We discuss the important health benefits of juicing and discover what makes Cold Pressed Juice different than the rest.

Kimmye Bohannon explains the essence of wellness: ”You're either chasing good health or you're waiting on some disease of ailment to find you.”


  • What made Kimmye start juicing
  • The benefits of juicing
  • Cold Pressed Juice: What’s the difference?
  • What to follow when making your own juice
  • Discover what The Juice Ritual is!

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