123. Inside the Work Life of Lorena Solis, International Winner of the Inaugural Community Management Award


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Today’s guest is Lorena Solis, Regional Manager of IOS Offices in Mexico in Guadalajaro. - Her background before she joined IOS OFFICES and explored coworking. - What motivated her to join IOS OFFICES. - What IOS OFFICES is. She shares everything from the size of their spaces to the unique things they do to help boost member engagement! She also touches on their ideal audience as well as their practices for staffing offices. - What her role looked like when she started and how that has evolved over time. She also shares the responsibilities she had when she started and how her role evolved over time. - What a typical day in her life or week look like for her current role in IOS OFFICES. - What she considers to be the hardest part about her job. - The most rewarding aspect of her job. - The advice she would give to operators hiring their first community manager.

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