Jazz Guitar (Marc-Andre Seguin, JazzGuitarLessons.net)


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After earning degrees in both classical music and jazz studies, Marc-Andre Seguin sought opportunities to play music across both large venues and jazz clubs in Ottawa, Canada and beyond. But as many musicians know, sometimes you need to find other ways to supplement your income.

And that’s exactly what Marc did. After his first eBook sold only 2 copies, he regrouped and shifted his focus toward online courses and eventually a thriving membership community of excited jazz guitar students.

A man of many talents, Marc not only has a passion for music but also a head for business. In this episode, he’ll share how he combined his passion with his business savvy to continue earning steady income and helping more students stop wishing and start playing.

To learn more about Marc, JazzGuitarLessons.net, or Teachable, visit teachable.com/eit10.

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