Can Blue Whales Talk to Killer Whales?Why do Killer Whales have white patches by their Eyes? Why do Hammerhead Sharks have heads Shaped like Hammers?


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In this week's show we answer three questions, from Bea, Finn and Tommi. They would like to know whether blue whales can talk to killer whales, why killer whales have white patches by their eyes and why hammerhead sharks have heads shaped like hammers? We find out the different ways whales and dolphins communicate underwater, what the white patches are for and our special guest expert James Mclaine from the Natural History Museum in London answers the question about hammerhead sharks. He's one of the top experts about sharks in the world because he's in charge of all the millions of fish in the collection of the Natural History Museum in London and recently appeared on Blue Peter talking about weird and wonderful fish!

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