Daddys Under The Sun! Which Animal makes the Best Daddy? Why do Chief Gorillas have Silver Hairs on their Back? Why do Men Have Nipples?


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This Sunday is Father’s Day in the UK, so this week is a celebration of Daddy’s and male things! Our first question is from Tasso who would like to know which animal makes the best Daddy? Find out about a tiny monkey called a Pygmy marmoset – the smallest monkey in the world - arctic wolves, emperor penguins and perhaps the best Dads of all – seahorses! To tell us about seahorses we have marine biologist Helen Scales who has written a book about them, called Poseidon's Steed.

Next up is Reuben who wants to know about silverback gorillas, specifically why do chief gorillas have silver hairs on their back? Uncover how a group of gorillas decide which adult is in charge of a group and at what age a black back gorillas hair turns silver and discover how silverback gorillas make great Dads!

Thirdly, Archie has a great question which is why do men have nipples? Such a great question and not one I had thought about before - essentially it’s because girls, women and mummy’s do! You’ll learn which male mammal can make milk from it’s nipples, hint, it’s not a human, its something that can fly and likes eating fruit.

I hope you enjoy this week’s episode.

A huge thank you to Helen Scales for talking to us about seahorses and of course a big thank you to Tasso, Archie and Reuben for this week’s questions!

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Thank you, have a lovely Daddy’s day and GOODBYE! X

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